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 The Minecraft succession game

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The Minecraft succession game Empty
PostSubject: The Minecraft succession game   The Minecraft succession game I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 24, 2011 12:18 pm

Alright, so I wanted to play a Minecraft succession game, and the chatroom didn't seem that interested, so I'm posting it here so anyone can pick it up if they want.
For those who don't know what a succession game is, you basically play the game and keep a log, and when your game time is up, you pass the saved game and the log to the next person.

Here's the log:

There is a creeper right there.
I've arrived to this new settlement knowing a bit about this world that we're supposed to colonize, having helped in such expeditions before. It’s the first time I’ve been recruited in a cooperative such as this though, and I am anxious to see the result.
Day 1: Arrived on the beach and was anxious to take a look around. To the north there is a unexplored forest, to the south there is a large stretch of water with some … unusual geography… I headed down the beach towards the South-East to explore the unusual mountains but could only take a look at them from a distance until I had to start worrying about camp. I spent the evening and the night securing a cave I found on my way towards the Colossi (as I will call the unusual mountains from now on). There was a “Creeper” there. I had to beat it with my bare hands.
The cave is part of a small cave system, I must secure the other caves as well before I can have a good night’s sleep.
Day 2a:
I went to explore a bit more and I found a high-ground. Night came quicker that I had expected, and now I have to spend the night on a tree-top, and hope that none of these monsters of the dark find me here. I have taken this time to write in my journal.
I can fucking hear them just below me…. I will continue in the morning, if I survive.

Day 2b: Morning comes. Burn you bastards, BURN.
The Colossi are hollow! I went the other day to secure the cave connected to my own and noticed that one of the colossi had a lava-fall. A fucking lava-fall. I stopped to kill the walking skeleton that was guarding the cave(this time with an axe) and secure the cave from the outside, then proceeded to explore the Colossi more closely. They are riddled with caves. This entire land is riddled with caves and cave systems. I feel as if I’m a intruder that is encroaching on the monster’s territory. They are just a couple of feet beneath the surface, in their caves, waiting…

Day 3: My tree-top escape ended with quite a long fall and sudden stop on hard rock. It left me in quite a bad shape, but I am alive and recovering. The ground doesn’t seem safe anymore. I must tame the Colossi.
Day 4: I have built a base camp on top of one of the colossi. It’s still not terribly safe to get here, but I will work on that later. I feel the need to explore these mountain-tops before accomodating myself to them.
I have also taken the time to link two of them through a bridge, and will continue to do the same with the other one in sight.
Day 5: It seems that the animals have taken shelter in my newly-made-safe mountain tops. I have taken this oportunity to feast on some pork. I had to slaughter them with a torch, however. One must do whatever it takes to survive, I guess.
The other Collosus I am trying to link to my basecamp is a little out of reach. But I guess I shouldn’t have expected this to be easy.
And a quick note, looking at them now, the Colossi look more like a wall of some sort. Nevertheless, a wall that must be tamed.
Day 6: They’ve taken revenge on me. A sheep has pushed me off of my sky bridge to revenge the death of his pig brethren. I know this sounds silly, but I could see the hatred in it’s eyes. It was only by miracle that I landed on a treetop and survived. I am not well, but I managed to complete the sky bridge, linking yet another Colossus.
After nightfall I decided to go back to the base camp, and it appears that not lightling the skybridge was a bad ideea, as one of those Creepers was waiting for me on the way back. I have blocked his path so it cannot cross. It just stands there and stares at me with dull emotionless eyes. I can’t cross, and neither can it. We’re at a stalemate, and I’ve taken this opportunity to write here. Tommorow, I shall start digging.
Day 7: I am nearing the end of my stay here, and I must start worrying about whoever may succede me. I have built a tunnel down the middle of the first Colossus, so one may easily reach the top. Right now I must build some roads.
Day 8: Between fighting off creepers and zombies and trying not to fall to my death, building this road is taking a little longer than expected. Must get back to work.
And fuck creepers.
Day 9: Final day here. I’ve finished the road and put up one sign before being ambushed by spiders. It’s hardly a highway, and it’s hardly safe. But it will do for now.
What advice do I give my succesor? Firstly, spiders are bad. Secondly, creepers are bad. It seems that this lands has been specially crafted to give the monsters every oportunity to hide everywhere. The land is riddled with caves. Maybe for one that is more adventurous than myself, that’s a good thing. And if that is the case, I wish you luck. You have the iron needed in first base camp.
Sun is rising. I’m about ready to leave this place now.

Day 10a:
Waking up on the beach, must've hit my head bad. Last thing I can remember is sipping soda on a sofa.

Ok, so here I am on the top of the first mountain. I followed a road to a big mountain and climbed up some stairs. I found a sign that said “base camp” and a note with some instructions. Apparently others have been here. I killed a chicken with my bare hands then used the feather to sheer some sheep. I'm hoping for the wool to keep me warm tonight. I'll look around and try to see where I am.
I've realized that I'm not alone in this place. The mountains I discovered were so steep you could've run them up with a motorcycle. I made myself a pickaxe so that I could get to the bottom of things. That's when I heard them...

There's zombies in this place! And skeletons! I've seen green things too but they seem kind of innocent and don't make much noise so I've paid little attention to them. Anyway, the zombies and skeletons died when they walked into the sunlight so during the day I felt safe. But the night is coming, I can't take this anymore... the pressure is too much!

I've decided to end this, whoever reads this:

I left all my tools and findings in this chest, better luck to you. Keep yourself safe and find a way out.

I found one.......
(What a creeper? Noooooooo!)

Whoever wants to be next, just let me know, and I'll pass on the saved game.
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The Minecraft succession game
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